Foundation Repair

Managing your Engineer approved Plan Of Repair begins with city permits, if applicable, and having utility lines marked. Once these are in place, American Property Services team members will begin digging access holes for piers to be installed.  If your plan of repair includes interior beam support, we will either tunnel from the outside, or enter through slab penetrations inside. Soil containment will be on plywood, and removal of shrubs and ornamental trees will be carefully transplanted during the pier placement process. All removal of concrete for access will be hauled off.

Once all piers are installed, our team begins the multi station lift process. This enables us to carefully lift your foundation evenly to ensure the least amount of collateral damage to your plumbing and other rigid items. After the lift is complete, we will then perform plumbing tests to determine if any leaks exist. American Property Services has the ability to coordinate these repairs to keep your project on schedule.

The next phase will begin the “Site Restoration”. This involves backfilling all pier holes and access tunnels, as well as the reinstallation of any removed concrete. Depending on each specific home we may then grade the perimeter of your foundation, replant shrubs and ornamental trees, mulch the flower beds, and place sod.