Cosmetic Repairs

American Property Services will coordinate the cosmetic works so that it flows smoothly. We take great pride in promptness and constant communication with you.

We will start with moving and covering your furniture to help protect it during this process, then masking off the area.

The next step is to tape and bed your drywall cracks, caulk corners, caulk/repair wood moldings and trim. Then we apply texture to the repaired cracks so as to match the existing. Doors and windows are adjusted by removing the casing/jam trims, then re-aligning each to proper working condition. We will then paint the wall and ceiling, door jams, wood moldings, and trim as needed.

Exterior repairs such as roof leaks, brick repair, stone and mortar, stucco, trim, and siding, are repaired next.  Lastly we will focus on any flooring repairs or replacement that are needed.

We will make the quality repairs that you expect from experienced craftsman.

Throughout your project, our team will work diligently to complete your project in a timely manner while respecting you and your home.